Bushcraft Gear

Bushcraft survival depends on more on skills than equipment on hand.

Not only have you had to part this practice on the wilderness, but surviving disaster situations in the suburban setting also comes handy. Some bushcraft expertise essential to learning are foraging, hunting, shelter building, and making fire. This collection gears you up with tools and equipment for your bushcraft living.

Using these tools will help you to succeed by using just what nature has supplied, and are going to help you to endure regardless of the circumstance. Knowing the bushcraft tools that are significant which you must have available will make it far easier for you to find about and find water and the food that you need.

At Survival Supply Zone, and for all those that who do not know the craft, purchasing these tools in our collection beforehand could make all the difference.

 buscraft gear kits

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Bushcraft Knives and Machete

These blades are highly critical for your survival in the woods. Knives and machete are for hunting food and setting up shelter. They make camping more comfortable and convenient for you. From food gathering to warding off unwanted animals, these blades are the utmost importance.

Ropes, strings, and knots

Cords are used to holding shelter and food and can be made into a weapon or a raft. Meanwhile, knots are turned into sling bags or load carrier when you’re out in the wilderness. Strings can be made into thin lines for fishing and trapping.bushcraft leather kit


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Bushcraft Fire starters

An array of magnesium and ferrocerium rods is available and fire sparkers that are paired with it. Fire is highly essential to have warmth, food, and protection from assailants. It can also be a means of signaling and communication to your rescuers.

Tactical accessories

Some accessories you might need to bug out during emergencies are your life vests, backpack, chest rigs, boots, and more. These need to be durable, yet wispy enough for you to carry the load. You can choose among ALICE or MOLLE standards, but the material has to be quality grade and breathable.

Bush crafting includes having the skill to create your tools in case that your gears and equipment break down.

It helps to have an eye for crafting, material detailing, and product designing so that you could tell what will and will not work when making them. It may be useful to study stonework, whittling, and knapping to have the ability to construct your tools from scratch from substances that are natural.

Also, it's important to keep them clean after every use. Storing them properly for future purposes is a smart move.

Who knows when does the next chaos will happen? Our collection tools are designed to let you live and survive any catastrophic events for at least three days. You can cut wood, start a fire, or might use them to build an ad hoc shelter.

The equipment may vary from small to large, but when bushcraft skills come along, you don’t have to carry all of them. You only need to see your natural capabilities in adapting to any disaster.

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