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Small Knife with Pure Natural Wood Handle

Hunting knives are essential tools in surviving the wilderness.

You can cut vines, hunt for food, and protect yourself from animal attacks. Our hunting knives have chic wooden handles for ease and comfort of grasping. It has a real rustic feel to it while withstanding the harsh elements of nature. It is durable, smooth, and unique.

bushcraft mini knife 

The handle surface is smooth, each wood grain is not the same and unique!


The blade itself is made of steel and comes with a leather case that hugs fitly to the knife. This fixed blade knife is lightweight enough to carry and can be strapped to your backpack, keychain, and belt strap.

• Durable and sharp steel blade knife that can assist you in survival.
• It has a handle that is easy to grip and hold.
• The wooden holder is made of natural wood that is soft and unique.
• Lightweight, portable, and handy to carry with you at all times.
• A sleek leather case that hugs and protects the knife.


  • Blade Material: D2
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Product length: 11.7cm 
  • Blade length: 5 cm 
  • Blade material: Steel 
  • Handle material: Three types – Ebony, figured, and zebrawood 
  • Sheath material: leather 
    Package includes:
    • One (1) piece of knife 
    • One (1) piece of leather case 



    Note please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery.