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The human body can’t survive without water for 72 hours.

Therefore, hydrating oneself is utmost vital. If you find yourself in emergency situations or merely want to camp or live outdoors, it is necessary to have a steady supply of water in your storage. At Survival Supply Zone, we have an abundant stock of water and storage products to keep you ready when disaster strikes.


Survival Water storage

You’re probably asking yourself, “How much water do I need to store?” “What’s the best water container for me?” For a single person, it is advisable to have a gallon you can chug for a day. If you have a family to take care of, then, you need more volume. From a gallon of water bags to 120 gallons of water storage kits, this collection has a compilation of different water packs – flask, jugs, pouch, and containers.


Water Purification in Survival Situation

Water cleanliness is often a question in the outdoors. Luckily, there are water filters and purification tablets available in the category. This collection supplies trusted filter systems, purifiers, straws, and water treatments. That way, you’ll have access to clean water from drums, rivers, lakes, and ponds. Not only it sanitizes your drink, but it leaves you a wonderful organic taste while chemical-free.


Water ration

If you want to measure your water intakes per day and save enough supplies, a water ration kit might be helpful. If you’re stranded somewhere and in need of a drink, your water pack will help you live through that while saving enough for the morrow. Water is highly essential and getting yourself hydrated is crucial. That’s why you need to keep some until rescuers come and take you home.


Whatever it is, your storage and purification options come first and should be the best. If you want to search for the best water storage and filtering, then look no further, because it’s all here.