10000 Hair Emergency Fire Starter Flint Match Lighter

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Permanent Match Lighter With Key Chain


Stop worrying about whether you have enough matches. Our permanent match lighter with key chain means you will always be able to start a fire when necessary. Perfect for campers, hikers, emergency kits, and more.


This handy lightweight metal match is housed in a brass colored shell that resembles a 5.56 NATO round. Simply unscrew the end of the casing to withdraw a steel striker wrapped in cotton wicking.

Draw the striker along the embedded flint rod to produce sparks and light the match. You’ll have a fire going in no time!

The entire assembly is mounted on a split ring, so you can attach it to a key chain, belt loop, or pack, making sure it will always be close by when you need it.

Keep one of these permanent matches in your disaster prep kit, with your camping gear, in your every day carry kit…wherever!



Threaded steel striker housed in metal casing with an integrated flint rod, split ring attachment



Steel, cotton, flint, metal



Weight – 60 g (2.11 oz)


Package includes:

One (1) Permanent Match Lighter




Category: Emergency Fire Starter, lighter

Type: Unknown Type

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