Pocket Chain Saw

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Pocket Chain Saw

Everyone that spends time outdoors should have a saw in their camping gear or emergency prep kit. Most times, a wire saw will suffice, but sometimes you have bigger challenges. That’s when you need our pocket chain saw.

With its strong carbon steel teeth, this flexible saw can easily take on thicker limbs, small trees, planks, and many other materials.

Offset links provide a smooth cutting action, and the non-slip ergonomic handles are made of tough molded plastic for comfort and safety when using the saw.

The 50 cm blade (approx. 19.69 inches) allows you to easily cut firewood to length, clear brush, trim trees and more! When it is not in use, the pocket chain saw can be folded into a small bundle for easy storage in your gear bag or disaster supply kit.


Strong carbon steel teeth, flexible assembly, ergonomic handles


Carbon steel (blade), molded plastic (handles)


50 cm (approx. 19.69 inches)

Package includes:

One (1) pocket chain saw with handles

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