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Emergency Travel kit Box

This survival toolkit is packed in a canister for easy-to-bring and use in emergencies or campouts. The durability of the tin box supports and protects the contents.

All 12 essential fishing and hygiene kits are stored in the box, and compromises of the following: magnifier, multi-tool, weights, compass, fishing hooks, pins, and alcohol pad to name a few.

Our survival kit will see that you can live in the wild three days or longer until rescue comes along. For campers, it will surely thrill you to carry lightweight essentials on your trip.


  •    Durable tin box to protect the survival kits inside.
  •    Small, comfortable, and very light to carry, while holding enough hygiene and fishing items for your survival.
  •    Nicely packing of 12 emergency kit pieces inside the tin box.
  •    You can replenish your emergency and still get to use the tin box.


  •    Box material: stainless steel
  •    Box length: 3.46 inches
  •    Box height: 0.7 inches
  •    Box width: 2.36 inches
  •    Hook width: 3.54 inches
  •    Nylon length: 3 meters


Package includes:

  •    One (1) piece kit

Note: This bag carries 12 items. The weights involved are two medium-sized ones and two smaller loads. Fishing bobs are all available in yellow color and six pieces

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Emergency Equipment SOS Kit Box

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