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Lighter USB Electric Dual Arc Metal Flameless Torch Rechargeable

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Lighter USB Electric Dual Arc Metal Flameless Torch Rechargeable

Whether you are trying to get a campfire started or enjoy a fine cigar on an early evening’s walk, high winds can make it very difficult, if not impossible. Stop the frustration with our rechargeable Electric Dual Arc Flameless Lighter!

Lighters are very handy, but it can be a struggle to use them when the wind picks up. Butane runs out unexpectedly, and refillable lighters can leak or lose flints.

Our lighter uses its built-in rechargeable battery to generate a powerful dual electric arc as the ignition source—no gas or fuel needed, and it can’t be blown out by wind!

Simply plug the lighter in to a USB port (cable included) to recharge it, and you’re set. A cut-off circuit is incorporated to ensure safe operation. Lighter is 70*35*10 mm (2.75*1.37*0.39 inches) and only weighs 83 grams (2.93 ounces).


Windproof, rechargeable




Dimensions: 70*35*10 mm (2.75*1.37*0.39 inches)

Power: rechargeable battery

Color: black

Weight: 83 grams (2.93 ounces)

Package includes:

One (1) Electric Dual Arc Metal Flameless Lighter, USB Charging Cable

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