Shoelace Grenade Buckle Stopper Paracord Lock

Shoelace Grenade Buckle Stopper Paracord Lock

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Shoelaces buckles are designed especially for people who struggle to make a bow tie with their shoelaces. When the shoelaces get untied there is the danger of the person tripping on them.

They are the perfect accessory to have in your outdoor adventure.

The stylish grenade shoe laces buckles are perfect for keeping your laces in place. You don’t have to worry that your shoelaces become lose and you can trip on them.

This is useful when you are hiking or trekking because your laces can become lose if they get entangled in something and you may not even notice that.

They also have the advantage of being more comfortable than the traditional bow tie and the process of applying them is very easy.

The grenade laces buckles are made from quality plastic that is durable and it is resistant to wear. Get yours now!

 Features: easy to mount, quality spring

 Materials: plastic

Specifications: -Size: 34x16mm; Hole Size: 34*16mm

Packet: Comes with 8 Shoelace buckles