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Why Survival Blanket Foil is very important in your Camping or in Survival Situation?

Did you know that losing just 2° Celsius (3.6° F) of body heat can be life threatening? Hypothermia is a condition that can be fatal if untreated. Apart from certain medical and age-related factors, the most common cause of hypothermia is exposure to extreme cold.

Emergencies don’t happen on a schedule, and there is no guarantee that the weather will be nice when one occurs. You can easily protect yourself or others from hypothermia with our Survival Blanket Foil.

How does Survival Blanket Foil Works?

Thin, compact, and very lightweight, this emergency blanket traps body heat and prevents evaporation, keeping the body’s temperature safely regulated in adverse conditions.

Waterproof, it may also be used to construct an emergency shelter, protecting from rain and snow and keeping more warmth inside. The shiny blanket may also be used to signal rescue workers in bright light.

Keep several of these blankets on hand in your camping gear, your car, and your emergency supplies.


Emergency protection against hypothermia




Size: 130 x 210 cm (51.1 x 82.6 inches)

Package includes:

One (1) Survival Blanket Foil